Slab: MATLAB-like numerical tool with verification mode

Slab is a MATLAB-like numerical tool developed by Shin'ichi OISHI, Professor of Department of information and Computer Science, School of Science and Engineering, Waseda university. Slab has a unique feature that it has a verification mode. Namely, based on a recent result of the author, it provides a verified results for solutions of simultanuous linear equaitons, eigenvalue problems of matrices and so on. Slab is a free software based GNU-licence. It can be installed on Redhat 7.2 based Linux with Pentium III CPU. However, with a little modification, it could be installed on windows using Cygwin.

Preparation--Install of clapack--

In order to install Slab, clapack should be installed. Clapack can be downloaded from here. Let liblapack.a, libblas.a, libF77,a and libI77.a are obtained libraries. You can use ATLAS if you want to optimize blas.


  1. (source, 2002/8/15) (Slab120.tgz, Source file of Slab1.20) and its patch file.
  2. (compiled version) For Windows XP Cygwin+Centrino: Slab123_cyg.tgz (with optimized BLAS generated by ATLAS, 2003/5/11)
  3. (compiled version) For Linux(Redhat 7.2+Centrino):Slab123.tgz (with optimized BLAS generated by ATLAS, 2003/5/11)
  4. (compiled version) For Mac OSX.2.6+PowerBook G4:Slab123_g4.tgz (with optimized BLAS generated by ATLA. 2003/5/11)


Install of Slab1.20

It is confirmed that Slab1.20 is suit for Redhat 7.2 Linux on Pentium III CPU.

(1) Untar the Slab120.tgz:

This can be done bytar xvzf Slab120.tgz

cd Slab1.20

(2) Go to ./mpa and make mpa.a:

This can be done by

cd ./mpa


(3) return to the top directory of Slab:

cd ..

(4) Go to ./gc and make gc:

This can be done by

cd ./gc



cd ..

(5) Then please make clapack.

Then put lapack.a, blas.a, libF77.a and libI77.a into ./tools. Please change the name of lapack.a and blas.a as liblapack.a and libblas.a, respectively.

(6) Then, on the top directory of Slab1.20, make Slab:

This can be done by


Using Slab

Slab is assumed to be used on the top directory of Slab1.20. Thus, on this directory put the command


Then Slab is active. The starting prompt is A>. If you type

A> help

Then you can see how to use Slab.


Slab is supported by the grand from the Ministry of Education and Science, Waseda University and Anrits co.

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